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     Scott Mahaffey RA 

     Diana Osterfeld, Project Manager 

     Andi Ago, Project Manager

     Manny Guerrero


     Christie Engineering, Structural

     Paul Denis Associates, MEP

     Chisvette Engineering, Civil


Photos 1, 2: Andi Ago

Photo 3: Sean Madden

Photos 4-6: Scott Mahaffey RA


Completed 2016

The existing 1870’s building and its addition are located on a block of historic Newark Ave in Downtown Jersey City with a diversity of styles from the 1830’s through the 1920’s. While the project has a small footprint, with five stories and 45’ of frontage it has a large impact on its context. It is the first significant construction on the block in one hundred years.


The existing structure was expanded to include office space in the Basement and on the First and Second Floors, with three apartments above. The lower levels are configured for possible conversion to a restaurant in the future.

The original facade is plain but has a vertical emphasis that once drew the eye up to an amazing, now long lost, corbelled, broken pediment cornice. The design of the addition picks up this vertical emphasis, using bronze aluminum fins to represent the shadows created by the brick pilasters on the existing facade, and window/bay spacings similar to the original.

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