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     Scott Mahaffey RA 

     Deyonte Adams


Photos Courtesy of

     Gotham West Development


Completed​ 2014

The original houses were in too poor shape to renovate, so they were completely rebuilt. Two very narrow lots, three story maximum stories allowed, and tight footprints required some re-thinking of the typical townhouse layout.

The first floors have kitchens and foyers by the street entrance, with living/dining rooms facing south to the small rear yards separating the houses from their carports on an alley. The second floors have bedrooms front and rear, with bathroom and mechanical/laundry rooms in between. 

The top floors are master suites, featuring south-facing bedrooms with private decks and street facing master baths that have windows starting at five feet above the floor, so the shower and bathtub, located against the front wall, have both privacy and a view of the sky.

There are skylights in the master suite sitting and dressing areas, and the second floor bedrooms each have barn-type sliding doors and frosted glass panels to admit natural light to the stair halls.

The street elevation was designed to give each house an identity, but read as “twins” as well, with variations in the siding color and spacing and with the window pattern.

309 & 309.5 FOURTH
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